Consumed Youth: Parenting Teenage Humans

October 4, 2017

Parenting teenage humans is unlike anything else you’ve experienced as a parent so far. Your teenage human is figuring out their limitations and testing their bounds, and sometimes testing you! Here are 5 tips for parenting your teenage human.

  1. Be Present. Lean in. Be intentional. Ask your teen questions. Find out what they are thinking about current events going on. Ask them how they would handle a hypothetical situation? Start the conversation and keep it going. Make sure your teenage human knows you’re there to talk, not just lecture.
  2. Be Consistent. Set up the boundaries and keep them. This is the time your teen needs you the most, they need to know what to expect and what they can or can not do.
  3. Pray For Them. God has a future in mind for your teenage human, partner with Him to help lead your student to great opportunities.
  4. Find Support. Some of my best parenting ideas have come from talking with other parents. Connecting with a church family gives you a great group of people that share similar values and have a huge pool of experiences that you can tap into.
  5. Set The Example. More than anyone else in their life, your student is taking their cues and modeling their life to reflect what they see in you.

Bonus Thought: Apologizing, when you mess up, sets a great example for your teen.

What have you found to be helpful in parenting your teenage human?

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