Consumed Youth: Why Youth Rallies?

October 12, 2017

Why Youth Rallies?

1. Lasting Friendships. Students will be building friendships that will last. I still have friends from my youth group and those friendships were made stronger by our experience at youth rallies.

2. Students Experience God. Someone invested money, time, and a bunch of resources just for your student to encounter God. Many of my spiritual milestone moments happened at youth rallies.

3. Part of a Large Group. Students realize there are many more Christians around than just in our youth group. Sometimes teens think they are going through their Christian walk alone, that maybe no one else around them knows Jesus. Rallies show them that there are many believers around them and they are not in this alone.

4. One More Positive Influence. One more voice speaking Truth into your student’s life. Parents, we believe you are the most important voice in your student’s lives. Your student has many people speaking into their lives; church, youth group, friends, teachers, youtube, music, and much more. Youth rallies give your student one more voice that is going to be teaching and guiding them into a closer relationship with God.

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