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Cornerstone Leadership Team Update

An update of our most recent meeting

November 21, 2020

Members Present

Pastor Guptill

Mike Kneebone

Val Lewis (via ZOOM)

Rob McDowell

Bruce Barteaux

Andrew Hirst


Heather Stubbert

These are not the minutes nor the minutia of the meeting, simply the highlights. For more info you can contact Denn or any of the team.

Pastor's Report

Denn reported on his various activities since the our last meeting.

Meeting Highlights

In Person Services:

Denn reported on new protocols for our in person services and the continuation of our online services.

Cornerstone Windgate:

Reports were given regarding Windgate. Renovations were completed on time and on budget. There is more landscaping that needs to be done in the spring, and a few small items that need to be completed.

Services have been well attended, and the preaching rotation is working.

Denn DBA

Denn advised that his position on the District Board will change from Treasurer to Secretary.

Christmas Eve Services

Plans were presented regarding Christmas Eve. (Shortly after the meeting new restriction resulted in all Christmas Eve services being online)

Staff Compassionate Leave Policy

Presently there is no policy in place for pastoral staff for sick leave/ short term disability. Material was distributed and the matter was discussed. This will be revisited in the next meeting.

Building Maintenance Team

Where the building is now over 15 years old we are beginning to deal with maintenance and repair issues. Denn proposed that we consider forming a team of people who would be able to assist with issues as they arose. There will be a need for a team lead and names will be brought back to the next meeting.

Financial Report:

Mike presented a very favourable financial report.

Next Meeting:

Our next meeting will be January 23rd.

Upcoming Events

Denn's Schedule

Denn has a District Board Meeting in Moncton on November 12th.

Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer's reports were reviewed and approved.

Leadership Team Contact List

Denn Guptill

Pastor/ Chair

[email protected]


Mike Kneebone


[email protected]


Bruce Barteaux



Heather Stubbert

Member at Large


Val Lewis

Member at Large


Rob McDowell

Member at Large


Andrew Hirst

Member at Large