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Cornerstone Leadership Team Update

An update of our most recent meeting

November 16, 2019

Members Present

Pastor Guptill

Mike Kneebone

Val Lewis

Rob McDowell

Bruce Barteaux

Andrew Hirst

These are not the minutes nor the minutia of the meeting, simply the highlights. For more info you can contact Denn or any of the team.

Pastor's Report

Denn reported on his various activities since the our last meeting.

Denn mentioned six new families who have tied in with Cornerstone over the past three months.

Meeting Highlights

Leadership Team Membership:

Andrew Hirst accepted the invitation to fill the empty spot on the leadership team for the remainder of the year.

Maximizing Impact:

The team discussed the changes implemented over the past 12 months as a result of MI, Denn reported on his final coaching session with Bob Whitesel.

Cornerstone Windgate:

A progress report was given by Denn and Rob on the Windgate project. A number of families have expressed an interest in being a part of the launch team. Windgate Academy, which will the training component for the launch team will being on Feb.9. Denn has met with various contractors regarding renovations. A motion was passed that a congregational meeting be held in the new year for approval of a mortgage of $200,000.00 to complete the renovations.

Village Partnership:

Denn passed on word from Pastor Deborah that a local company has offered to match gifts up to $13,000.00 for the village partnership project. It was also reported that Deborah is now working for World Hope part time in Donor Development.

District Ministerial:

All of the Pastoral staff are expected to be at the District Ministerial which will be held in Saint John between January 23 and 25th.

Life Groups:

Denn reported on progress on the GriefShare and DivorceCare groups as well as the new online life group.

Christmas Eve Services:

The Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve services were discussed and it was decided to try ticketing this year because of concerns of over capacity in the Christmas Eve service.

Next Meeting:

Our next meeting will be January 11.

Upcoming Events

Bethlehem Live: Nov 23

Children's Christmas Pageant: Dec 8

Christmas Eve Eve Service

Christmas Eve Service

One service: Dec 29

Blood Donor Clinic: Jan 1

Great I Hate Winter Beach Party: Feb 1

AGM: May 5

Denn's Schedule

District Ministerial: Jan

Vacation: Feb

DBA Meeting: April

Egypt Trip: May

DBA=District Board of Administration

Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer's reports were reviewed and approved.

Leadership Team Contact List

Denn Guptill

Pastor/ Chair

[email protected]


Mike Kneebone


[email protected]


Bruce Barteaux


[email protected]


Heather Stubbert

Member at Large

[email protected]


Val Lewis

Member at Large

[email protected]


Rob McDowell

Member at Large

[email protected]


Andrew Hirst

Member at Large

[email protected]