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Cornerstone Leadership Team Update

An update of our most recent meeting

June 1, 2019

Members Present

Pastor Guptill

Val Lewis

Rob McDowell

Bruce Barteaux

Heather Stubbert

These are not the minutes nor the minutia of the meeting, simply the highlights. For more info you can contact Denn or any of the team.

Pastor's Report

Denn reported on his various activities since the our last meeting, including being present or participating in five funerals.

Denn mentioned five new families who have tied in with Cornerstone over the past two months.

Meeting Highlights

Maximizing Impact:

Denn reported on ongoing progress on the MI Report and recommendations. He is ongoing coaching with Bob Whitesel.

Satellite Cohort:

Denn, Stefan and Rob are taking part in a video coaching cohort with Ken Nash in regards to our future launch in Sackville/Beaver Bank. This is being paid for by the Atlantic District.

Cornerstone Windgate:

The team was updated on progress of the Windgate Satellite and there was discussion concerning the June 9th Open House/Vision Evening.

Upcoming Series

After the But. . . ( April - May)

Asking for a Friend (Summer series)

What is it there for? Fall Series

Denn's Schedule

Beulah Camp (July)

Vacation (Aug)

First National Conference of the Wesleyan Church of Canada, Montreal (Aug)

Re-Envision meeting at Global Partners in Indianapolis (Sept)

Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer's reports had been distributed at the AGM.

Leadership Team Contact List

Denn Guptill

Pastor/ Chair

[email protected]


Mike Kneebone


[email protected]


Bruce Barteaux


[email protected]


Heather Stubbert

Member at Large

[email protected]


Val Lewis

Member at Large

[email protected]


Rob McDowell

Member at Large

[email protected]


Jennifer Quigg

Member at Large