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Cornerstone Leadership Team Update

An update of our most recent meeting

March 30, 2019

Members Present

Pastor Guptill

Val Lewis

Rob McDowell

Bruce Barteaux

Heather Stubbert

Jennifer Quigg

These are not the minutes nor the minutia of the meeting, simply the highlights. For more info you can contact Denn or any of the team.

Pastor's Report

Denn reported on his various activities since the our last meeting, including several follow up meetings in regards to the the Maximizing Impact Recommendations.

Denn mentioned ten new families who have tied in with Cornerstone over the past three months.

Meeting Highlights

Strength Finders:

Rob McDowell led the Leadership Team though their Strength Finder results as well as the results from the staff. We looked at how this affected our leadership and influence at Cornerstone.

Discussion of Staff realignment:

There was discussion of realigning some of the staff responsibilities in light of MI recommendations and changes that will happen with the addition of a new satellite location.

Beyond the Well:

Tanya Nace Executive Director of World Hope Canada will be here on May 12 to provide more details about our Village Partnership in Sierra Leone.

Cornerstone Windgate:

The property at Windgate Drive has been transferred to Cornerstone in anticipation of a satellite launch in the fall of 2020.

A motion was moved, supported and passed appointing Rev. Rob McDowell as the campus/site pastor of the Windgate location at it's launch.

Upcoming Series

After the But. . . ( April - May)

Asking for a Friend (Summer series)

Denn's Schedule

District Board Meeting (April)

International Conference of the Wesleyan Church, Barbados (May)

Beulah Camp (July)

Vacation (Aug)

First National Conference of the Wesleyan Church of Canada, Montreal (Aug)

Re-Envision meeting at Global Partners in Indianapolis (Sept)

Treasurer's Report

January and February offerings were under budget but February offerings were our highest February offerings ever.

While giving is under budget so are expenses and we are in the black for the year.

Windgate expenses and income are now being tracked in the reports.

Individual reports have been sent out to all donors in anticipation of Step-Up Cornerstone.

Leadership Team Contact List

Denn Guptill

Pastor/ Chair

[email protected]


Mike Kneebone


[email protected]


Bruce Barteaux


[email protected]


Heather Stubbert

Member at Large

[email protected]


Val Lewis

Member at Large

[email protected]


Rob McDowell

Member at Large

[email protected]


Jennifer Quigg

Member at Large