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And Just Like that Everything Changed.

This week we are continuing with: The Day Everything Changed.

This week we'll be looking at how one day changed everything for the Church

Our scripture focus will be Acts 2:1-8

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World Hope Spring Gala

We need each other right now. There is a lot of negativity and people are feeling that negativity deeply. So, why not give yourself one hour where you can reverse that and feel inspired. Gather with the World Hope community online to celebrate some good news on May 29 at 7:00 p.m.

For more information contact Pastor Deborah

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Annual Meeting

You may have noticed that we aren't having our annual meeting this spring. Following recommendations from the Atlantic District Board of Administration, our AGM has been cancelled. To read the staff and financial reports and view the staff report videos please visit our Annual General Meeting Page

Drive by Pastoral Call

Hey folks, if you would like a drive in visit? From the proper social distance of course. Just let me know. It might be to answer questions, or to pray with you or just so you can comment on how long my hair is getting. Just email Denn

Zoom Prayer Meeting

Would you like an opportunity to pray together for your church and family? We will be hosting a virtual prayer meeting on Zoom, Saturday at 2:20 p.m. We'd love to have you join us for prayer. Simply email Denn for an invite.

If you've never used zoom before visit our Zoom Page for more info

Windgate Launch Academy

As everyone knows we are launching a new site in Sackville/Beaver Bank and even though some things are up in the air we are planning on moving ahead and forming the Launch team, through the Windgate Launch Academy.

The Academy happens online through Zoom, if you are considering joining the launch team and have not let Rob know or still have questions, you can email Rob

If you are ready to commit to being part of the launch team you can fill out the commitment card by clicking here 

Blood Donor Clinic

There will be a blood donor Clinic at Cornerstone on June 5 in the morning. For more information or to book an appointment, click here.

It's in you to give.

Our Daily Bread

You've probably noticed that you only have a couple of weeks left in this edition of Our Daily Bread. There are a couple of options. You can access the content online by clicking here, or email Denn and he'll put a copy in the church mailbox for you to pick up.

Cornerstone Youth

We've moved our youth program to YouTube and have nicknamed it YouthTube!

Every Wednesday night we'll be live at 7 pm. We'll play a game together and have a conversation around the lesson for that night. Students are encouraged to engage and chat. Get subscribed now to get notified when we're live. Subscribe Here

Cornerstone @ Home

For the present time all services at Cornerstone will be presented online.

Our services can be accessed by typing into your favourite browser.

We know that you can visit the page at anytime, my suggestion is that you keep to a routine for Sunday morning. That as a family you worship at [email protected] happens at 9:30 or 11:00.

Giving @ Cornerstone

Thank you for those who continue to give. The staff recently met to look at how we can cut expenses, but there are still ongoing responsibilities.

We know that some folks are going through tough times right now with the many restrictions in place, if you are facing challenges and need to adjust your giving, please contact Mike.

To find out how to give online to Cornerstone visit our Giving Page

For those who haven't made the transition to online giving, our mail is being checked daily and our mailing address is Cornerstone Wesleyan Church, 1215 Hammonds Plains Rd. Hammonds Plains, NS, B4B 2E1

Life Groups @ Home

We are offering a range of Life Groups online for men, women and teens. Most of these are evening groups using ZOOM.

For information on the men's group contact Denn.

For information on the various ladies groups contact Pastor Marilyn

For details on Cornerstone Youth contact Pastor Stefan

Cornerstone Leadership Team:

For updates on our last Leadership Team meeting (April 4, 2020) Click here

For names and contact information of the The Cornerstone Leadership Team Click Here.

On Going Events

Life Groups


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