Financial Report

The most recent Financial update and statement

Financial Summary

March 20, 2023

February Overview –

Income -

Our total Regular Offerings for February are $43,641.23, which is $5,631.23 over budget for the period.

There were two larger donations and a slight increase in weekly offerings in February, resulting in a surplus for the month.

The overage in February has reduced the overall deficit in Regular Offerings for the year from $21,158.97 to $15,797.74.

Expenses –

Total Expenses of $43,359.92 are $5,472.87 under budget. However, there was a budgeted amount for insurance renewals divided between February and March, and the total invoice was paid in March.

Gatehouse and Windgate Building Expenses were in line with the budget, excluding the budgeted amount for insurance, and General and Office Expenses were also within budget for the month.

General Funds –

The year-to-date balance in General Funds of $13,690.23 is $1,825.90 less than the $15,516.13 budgeted due to the large deficit in budgeted vs actual Regular Offerings in January.

Designated Funds –

For the month of February, we sent $1,000.00 to World Hope for earthquake relief as well as our monthly offering of $200.00 for the Recovery Centre.

In addition to our annual payment for our sponsored children, $8,600.00 was sent to the Village Partnership designated for teacher training as per donations made through Cornerstone as well as a top-up from our Missions Funds.


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Glenda Lush

Administrator, Cornerstone Wesleyan Church