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Financial Report

The most recent Financial update and statement

Financial Summary

October Overview

Key points are listed below. As always, reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


Our total Regular Offerings in September were $39,544.26.

This was $11,174.00 under budget for the period.

Our donation revenue was higher than in September; however, we budgeted for 5 Sundays in October. An increase in weekly offerings wasn’t realized despite the extra Sunday, and as a result, we overbudgeted for the month, resulting in a large variance.

We had additional unbudgeted income of $1,500.00 for the Forest Kids rental helping to close some of the difference in the Revenue Budget vs Actual for October.

As of October 31st, our year to date offerings of $242,180.66 are $21,169.34 under budget.

Expenses –

Total Expenses of $44,371.33 are $846.01 under budget.

An increase in Building Expenses at our Gatehouse location was mainly due to an under-budgeted property tax payment. This increase was offset with lower expenses at our Windgate location as well as lower expenses for Office and Allowances, keeping the overall expenses relatively close to budget for the month.

General Funds –

We budgeted a balance in General Offerings for October of $11,877.71, and we ended the month with a balance of $8,489.89 for a loss of $3,387.82.

Designated Funds –

For the month of October, we sent $200.00 to World Hope for the Recovery Centre.


If you have any questions about the financial report, please let Glenda know.


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Glenda Lush

Administrator, Cornerstone Wesleyan Church