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Financial Report

The most recent Financial update and statement

Financial Summary

March Overview –

Income -

Our total Regular Offerings in March were $73,603.69.

This was $22,958.69 over budget for the period.

The significant increase in offerings was due to an unexpected large donation allocated between our General Fund and Designated Funds.

As of March 31st, our year to date offerings of $492,054.98 are $5,869.98 over budget.

Expenses –

Total Expenses of $69,888.05 are $3,567.73 over budget.

The overage in expenses is the result of an unexpected increase in insurance renewal costs as well as some minor repair costs for flooding at the Gatehouse location early in March.

General Funds –

We budgeted a credit balance in General Offerings for March of ($1,070.01) and we ended the month with a balance of $17,586.25 for a gain of $18,656.26.

Designated Funds –

For the month of March, we sent $5,904.00 to World Hope for Child Sponsorships as well as $200.00 for the Recovery Centre.


If you have any questions about the financial report, please let Glenda know.


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Glenda Lush

Administrator, Cornerstone Wesleyan Church