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A Fisherman's Tale

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I’ve always wondered what the Jesus story looked like through the eyes of Peter, and so I’ve decided to try telling it from the view of the fisherman.

From my first reading of the Gospels, Peter was the Apostle that I most identified with. A fisherman called to become a Fisher of Men, impulsive, speaking before he thinks and besides, I always picture him with a beard

Calling it the Gospel According to Peter seemed a bit presumptuous, so I settled on A Fisherman’s Tale.

A Fisherman's Tale

It was just another day at the beach — until it wasn’t.

Peter had fished the waters off Capernaum since childhood. He was the son of a fisherman, the son of a fisherman, who was the son of a fisherman.

He loved his life, and he loved his wife, and then one day, everything changed.

Reluctantly allowing his brother Andrew to introduce him to another in a long line of possible Messiahs, Peter is confronted with the question, “Are you content to spend your life catching fish, or do you want to change the world?”

This is his story.

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